cover me with lies..



Oh, baby I’m a fool
I’m blind in love and wishing the moon
There’s no one left for me to fight
All my wants embrace me
The smell of your hug still on my coat
I’ll breath the breath that tells me everything’s alright..




So tired when I’m sober!
I’m so sick of “Me and You”
I don’t want to be your perfect man
Just a swinger - Burned out on the sex..

On the street..
In the car..
In the neighbour's window..
On someone else’s bed..
Your tender kisses
And your soft core pornography
Are writhing in my head..



It’s not in the way you kiss me
   It’s the break you hesitate
But no one makes you love me
Your hearts undone and your mind won’t change the same..

Am I the one to break your smile?

Am I bad for you baby?
Lock-jawed, razor smile
You know I don’t like it!

It’s all blue and grey
Your broken eyes speak that way
When nothings cope you keep it
On the down-low..




They speed through..
The black and gold shadows of lust
She’s laughing
And she kisses of vodka tonics
She’s damp dark and willing
He’s meek but dizzy..

Well, he’s tanked up..
Full octane
Hurting to go
She’s such a savvy animal
And moves her soft mouth so slow..

Her spine a highway
Marked in lipstick
That warns curves ahead
The scratch marks that run through the guardrail
Make her eyes roll back in her head
She bites her lip
And braces tight
Feels the impact: Cum!


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